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Social Media Sample:
Stoplight Gelato Cafe



I became the Social Media Manager for Stoplight Gelato Cafe before it even opened, so the first task was to set up all the platforms and build a website.

In alignment with Barb's vision— a neighborhood ice cream parlor with contemporary flavors— I built a minimalistic website with a nostalgic feel. We highlighted the story of the cafe, being that it came about in memory of Barb's son, who passed away from cancer before achieving his entrepreneurial dream.


We decided that beautiful photos with personable and useful content would be the best tactic.

In a few months time, with zero money spent on advertising, we garnered over 1k followers on Instagram and Facebook. Many of our visitors shared that they came because of a social media post.

To maintain useful content, I limited posting, in general, to the following:

1. Updates on new flavors

2. Updates on open hours

2.Community love and updates

Posts were short and sweet, humorous, or factual. I treated social media as Stoplight Gelato Cafe's diary, sharing the heart of the cafe so that our followers could become more connected with our story, staff, and atmosphere. 

In addition to taking the photographs, I made illustrations, animations, and short videos for the cafe.

Although in hindsight it would have been better to constantly update the flavors in the Instagram bio,

I was always available to answer customer's questions on Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Even if just to share the current flavors, it was wonderful to be constantly engaging with locals. I truly loved the experience, and look forward to being involved with social media again.

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